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Fresh Ganesh T-shirt
Fresh Ganesh T-shirt Detail
Fresh Ganesh T-shirt Back
Fresh Ganesh T-shirt Back Detail
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Fresh Ganesh T-shirt

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Ganesha (AKA Ganesh), the elephant-headed multi-armed deity of Hindu epic mythology, is commonly known as the 'remover of obstacles.'
devout aspirants the world over invoke his name to bust away any roadblocks impeding their progress.
simply put - &, according to MC Yogi (a devotional Caucasian rapper of some notoriety amongst modern-day mystics) - "Ganesh is fresh."
here he is, in all his resplendently reclining glory, surrounded by Buddhas & lightning bolts & lions (oh my!).
not to mention the backdrop of divining charts, sacred scripts, and full-fanged deities - complete with full back- & sleeve-printings, plus a styling V-neck.
whether you believe in Ganesh's power or not, just watch any obstacle in your path instantly fall away when you strut your stuff in this mighty tee.

100% preshrunk cotton
M: 19.5" chest, 27.5" body