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Because our products are sourced internationally, size differences (and body size & type) can vary greatly from country to country. The best way to find your ideal fit is to first check the measurements for each design (always displayed at the bottom of each tee description, & in the size chart image on each product - just click the tee to see!), and then measure one of your best-fitting tees for comparison. A standard tape measure will work just fine, if you have a cloth tape measure - even better.
("Ugh, I don't wanna have to go & measure my tee! Can't you just tell me?!"
We totally get it - general rule of thumb is most of our tees are one size DOWN from 'normal' US sizes. So, if you usually wear an M in US, order an L from us, etc. And no worries - if it's not quite the right fit, just send it back & we'll take care of it - please see our return/refund policy below for more details*.) 

Many of our tees feature several intricate scripts from all over the Asian regions, most notably katakana &/or kanji, from Japan. Where possible, we have our native speaking teams translate them as precisely as they can, and we post that text in each tee’s description.

As you may have noticed by now, we’re not your typical tee shop. Think of us more as curators, bringing you a wide and unique array of some of the most exceptional tee designs you’ve ever seen from around the world. There are many made-to-order shops out there on the market these days - and they definitely serve their purpose. But that’s not us. Our purpose & passion is bringing you the most excellent designs we find worldwide. To that end, we source from many different international suppliers, and cannot always guarantee your size in any one style. But we can guarantee that when you do find a tee you love, you’ll have one of the most unique af tees that you can rock out for life.
If there’s a particular design you absolutely love and need to have in your size - hit us up and we’ll do our best to see if we can acquire it, & get it to you in as timely a manner as possible**.

For a full explanation of the meaning of our name (which we love, and think you will too - especially once you know what it means), please see our 'About us' page.
As for those 'two little dots,' they're known as an umlaut, a mark from the Germanic languages which indicates changes to the quality of a vowels' pronunciation. (In this case, for example, rather than being pronounced as a normal English 'u' (or, 'uh,' as in 'yup'), the ü here sounds more like an 'oo.' So grüda = | grooda |.

Great question! We've found these tees to hold up their original quality of fit, comfort and design over several years and through multiple washings - and in as diverse washing methods as a Laotian fresh water stream hand wash  to a New York City mega laundromat!
We do recommend that you turn your tees inside out before throwing them in the wash, to protect the integrity of the print over time. Also, line dry is best (but if that's not an option, a dryer at normal settings will do you just fine).
A couple of products that we've tried and tested through the years, and highly recommend to you (& no, we're not getting any fancy corporate endorsements out of this - we just believe in & love these products!):
"Whip-It" Emergency Stain Removing Pens: excellent for spot removal, easy to carry around on the go &/or during travels, and made with natural plant-based ingredients (including eucalyptus! yes, please).
"Molly's Suds" Oxygen Whitener - Natural Bleach Alternative: the best thing we've found to revive our older, grungier white tees back to a remarkable, if not miraculous, state of beaming bright lustrous sheen. Not to mention the natural ingredients, and company ethos focusing on environmental stewardship and mindfulness just make our hearts happy to use this product.

Yes! As per our shipping policy, free shipping is available on all orders $50 and above (applied to US domestic orders only). For all other orders, standard USPS rates apply. 
We're also constantly looking for fun ways to stoke out our customers - so do look out for 'free shipping' codes and offers on our socials. (And if you ever want to connect & drop us a line, and you ask us really nicely - we'll probably hook you up.. jus sayin'.)

We stand by our products, and believe these are some of the best quality tees with the best designs you’re going to find anywhere. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, please return it to us within 30 days for a full refund or credit on your account, or to exchange for another product (less return shipping). 

Please note: Due to current COVID-19 policies, international shipping is in some cases currently unavailable, and/or only available at extremely delayed & unpredictable delivery times.
Additionally, please note that orders in larger quantities (20 units & above) will be easier to fulfill than single item special orders.