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About Us

What we're about:

Put simply, we love tees. We've traveled the world over in search of the most unique finds to catch our eyes, from the side streets of Bangkok to the port side alleys of Vietnam, and beyond. Tees that look and feel great. Tees that make you feel more you. Tees that give you the wings to fly free.

Inspired by Hindu myths, grüda derives its name from Garuda, King of the Birds. half-man, half-bird, often depicted with the body of a man, giant extended wings, a bird's beak and donning a crown atop his head, this mighty bird is known as the 'mount' (or vehicle) of Lord Vishnu, and is said to have brought nectar to earth from the heavens. 

We feel the iconic image of Garuda with outstretched wings to be a poignant emblem of the visceral experience of wearing our tees - victorious, glorious, beautiful, fully lit-up and inspired, from the inside out. 

Who we are:
Once upon a time two friends met in Brooklyn, NY and soon plumbed the depths to forge a true brotherhood. One stayed in the heart of NY's Lower East Side. One moved to Asia for several years, and then landed back stateside in the heart of Highland Park, Los Angeles. But their bond, and mutual love of great tees, kept them connected. They soon teamed up to launch grüda, sharing their passion for tees with the world at large, and making heretofore hard-to-find gems easily accessible to fellow tee-lovers the world over.