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Retro Robocop Movie Poster T-shirt
Retro Robocop Movie Poster T-shirt Detail
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Retro Robocop Movie Poster T-shirt

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If you've ever harbored reincarnation fantasies of melding your human consciousness with that of a technologically superior cyborg in the body of a badass crime-fighting robot upon your mortal demise - then this is the tee for you! 
With graphics lifted from the original 1987 Verhoeven outing (Peter Weller in the lead role), this is another homage to that late, great era of all things man + machine = cool - aka the 1980s.
Complete with the old 'Detroit Police' logo, an octagonal honeycomb pattern, & the foreground kanji script, this tee leads you into the future, donning the best parts of the past.
"Part man. Part machine. All cop."
this Tee features:
100% Cotton one of our softest, most comfortable, skin-hugging tees.
☀︎ Vintage Posters authentic movie memorabilia, with a multi-cultural twist; repurposed, to bring that vintage cred up to date.
☀︎ White Canvas — a stark white backdrop boasting a beautiful bold design; easily mix & match with a wide wardrobe.
☀︎ Digital Print — for hi-res detail, impeccable image quality, & smooth graphic transfer, sans heavy/sticky residue of screenprinted inks.
☀︎ Quality Materials — holds its shape & style through the years, and over multiple wears & washes.
100% Preshrunk Cotton
M: 19.5" chest, 27.5" body