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Tora Tora Tora T-shirt
Tora Tora Tora T-shirt Detail
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Tora Tora Tora T-shirt

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Whether you're a fan (or even know) of the 1970 Japanese-American war film dramatizing the infamous 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor; whether you know that the tora of the title is the two-syllable Japanese codeword, indicating that complete surprise had been achieved (& that Japanese - being a language with many homophones - tora coincidentally also means "tiger" - ); whether you know (or care) that the airplanes in the image are replicas of Japanese Zero fighters made from modified American AT-6 Texan trainers - this tee's an instant retro classic you can proudly sport, by land or sky.
this Tee features:
☀︎ Digital Print — for hi-res detail, impeccable image quality, & smooth graphic transfer, sans heavy/sticky residue of screenprinted inks.
☀︎ White Canvas — a stark white backdrop boasting a beautiful bold design; easily mix & match with a wide wardrobe.
☀︎ Quality Materials — holds its shape & style through the years, and over multiple wears & washes. 
Preshrunk Poly Blend
M: 19” chest, body 26.5”