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The Star Man T-shirt
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The Star Man T-shirt

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The late great David Bowie, in all his magnificent Ziggy Stardust'ed regalia - iconic red lightning bolt across his face. The plush lips. The androgynous coiffed sprouting mane. The multi-colored eyes.
Bowie eventually revealed that the Starman & Ziggy Stardust were not, in fact, one and the same. Ziggy was the Starman's earthly messenger, bringing a message of hope and salvation to the world through the youth who can really hear him on the radio.
if that's all got your head spinning, just slip into this tee & tune into those lyrics - & take a journey to the stars, man:
"There's a starman waiting in the sky
he'd like to come and meet us
but he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
he's told us not to blow it
'cause he knows it's all worthwhile"
this Tee features:
100% Cotton one of our softest, most comfortable, skin-hugging tees.
☀︎ Vintage Posters authentic movie memorabilia, with a multi-cultural twist; repurposed, to bring that vintage cred up to date.
☀︎ White Canvas — a stark white backdrop boasting a beautiful bold design; easily mix & match with a wide wardrobe.
☀︎ Digital Print — for hi-res detail, impeccable image quality, & smooth graphic transfer, sans heavy/sticky residue of screenprinted inks.
☀︎ Quality Materials — holds its shape & style through the years, and over multiple wears & washes.
100% Preshrunk Cotton
M: 19.5" chest, 27.5" body
L: 21” chest, 29.5” body