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Dancing Cranes T-shirt
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Dancing Cranes T-shirt

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This beautiful double-sided V-neck print features the idyllic sandhill crane, beak agape, wings outstretched, neck curled mid-flight, plus the characteristic red-patched forehead.
According to the National Wildlife Federation, "One of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the United States is the annual congregation of the sandhill cranes. For about a month each March, more than 500,000 sandhill cranes converge on the Platte River basin in Nebraska to rest and eat before they finish their migration to their northern breeding grounds."
Sandhill also cranes mate for life, and perform dancing displays as mating rituals. Though their dancing is most common during breeding, they're known to dance all year long.
Proudly sport this pristine piece, & dance with the cranes wherever you go.
this Tee features: 
☀︎ 100% Cotton one of our softest, most comfortable, skin-hugging tees.
☀︎ V-neck — for that stylish look; go ahead, show off them manly tufts, or that manscaped magnificence.
☀︎ White Canvas — a stark white backdrop boasting a beautiful bold design; easily mix & match with a wide wardrobe.
☀︎ Digital Print — for hi-res detail, impeccable image quality, & smooth graphic transfer, sans heavy/sticky residue of screenprinted inks.
 Bonus Flair  a mildly frayed collar, plus motif-printed sleeves.
☀︎ Quality Materials — holds its shape & style through the years, and over multiple wears & washes.
100% Preshrunk Cotton
M: 19.5" chest, 27.5" body