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Steampunk T-shirt
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Steampunk T-shirt

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A throwback to the advent of the pre-cyber era golden age of the "modern mousetrap," this tee follows the fanciful path of a tiny ingredient poured into a sorter, as it passes through a hand key-punch, and on to the electric duplicating punch, until finally reaching the tabulator, from whence it emerges as a small and sparkling potted plant.
A triumph of ingenuity, if ever there was one.
this Tee features: 
☀︎ Digital Print — for hi-res detail, impeccable image quality, & smooth graphic transfer, sans heavy/sticky residue of screenprinted inks.
☀︎ Distinctive Stitching — a unique side-border stitch from the top shoulder to the bottom waist hem in front, a vertical patterned stitch down the back middle, & a special forked split 'tail' at the back bottom.
☀︎ White Canvas — a stark white backdrop boasting a beautiful bold design; easily mixed & matched with a wide wardrobe.
☀︎ Poly/Cotton Blend — for a close-knit, durable fit. Not quite as much give as 100% cotton, but will hold its shape & form through the years, and over multiple wears & washes.  
Preshrunk Poly Blend
M: 19.5” chest, 25.5” body

*From time to time we spot a tee off the beaten path - in this case, on the intriguing island of Penang, Malaysia - that may have originally come from a large mega-supplier, but who's design has long since been retired. grüda then swoops in and scoops 'em up to offer you more rare quality gems that'll make you the envy of all passersby. so don't let the big name tag scare you off - trust that these are still one-of-a-kind tees that live up to our standards.